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November 21, 2006

Living Consistently

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It is so hard, these days, to live your life consistently on a daily basis.  There are so many outside forces we have to adapt to as a person of God.  You have the option the believe or not to believe that God is your creator, that God created all things, that God gave you what you have right now; whether that be material possessions or faith.  You know there was study done several years ago about why people believe in God.  In that scientific study it was determined that everyone possesses a need to feel that there is something “out there” that will make them feel better about situations they come across in life.  In other words, people want to feel good, people do not strive to feel bad or feel nothing.

What happens when someone dear to you becomes ill?  Or going further, when that person dies early in life, or is taken by cancer or some other disease?  Do you, as a believer, believe that this was God’s Will, that this person was predestined to die at this point and time?  Or do you have misgivings about that person, “well he lived hard and did not care about what he put in his body, that is why he died”.

People are looking for a way to not have to think about death, bad things that happen to them, and they seek comfort in knowing or at the very least believing there is an entity out there who cares for us and loves us all.  I am here to tell you that there is no such thing as coincidences in sickness and diease, there is no such thing as someone dying from a disease that just happens to get well and shows no more signs of disease.  Medical practitioners can probably tell you numerous cases where their patients were diagnosed with a death sentence, and are still alive today.  How can that be?  Are these doctors failing in their duties? Are these doctor’s better than think they are?

Step back and really think about it, I know there are many of you who have had great loss of life in your live’s, I know because I am one of those people.  My Mom died of cancer three years ago this month, her parents lived well into there 90’s and she died at age 71, from a disease that we have no cure for.  So I know how these people will respond to what I am writing.  I prayed, I begged, I did everything I knew to do for my Mom but, to no avail.  I became angry, I became distanced from religion.  I was so angry for so long that I even suffered a nervous breakdown, and had to be put on medicines.  It was not until I felt God, Jesus Christ, entry my body again that I became sane.  If you are sitting out there reading this and you are thinking “how did you feel Jesus Christ enter your life? He has never entered mine! I have not felt His presence”.  Maybe that is because you have never allowed him in.  Jesus Loves you so much that He will do whatever your heart desires, if you have any disdain in your heart about Him, He’s not coming in.  But, if you will open a bible and read, it does not matter where you open a bible just open it and start reading on the page you open it to, and do this until this disdain, this unbelief starts to back down, starts to leave your mind and your body you will feel Him.  You will feel Him in your heart, in your body, all over, you will start to do things that you never thought you would ever do in your entire life.  Who knows you may even want to go church.

If you have tried different things to fill that void, that hole in your body; and I know it is there.  You have tried, pills, alcohol, tobacco, porn, or maybe all of the above and you have found that void is still there, please just try God, He’s the best drug you can ever take, and most definately the highest high you will ever have.

Do something different today!  Believe!


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