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June 10, 2008

When satan Lies To You

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Where God loves you unconditionally, satan hates unconditionally. Especially if you believe in God and Jesus Christ. God created mankind as benevolent beings, being able to think, decide, process information, and then incorporate that into our lives. Whether you believe in God or you do not believe in God, or take the Agnostic stance; God still loves you. The total and complete definition of unconditional love.

God is not going to force you to love Him or anyone else, God is not going to force you to believe in Him. God has the power to make you do anything He wants, He has the power to do anything He wishes. But, He will not control your mind, He will not enter your physical body unless invited, He will not walk with you unless you first invite Him to.

The point I am trying to make here is satan WILL enter your mind uninvited, satan WILL make decisions for you by swaying you away from the truth. Satan WILL enter your physical body, uninvited, and make you do, say, and think evil. You do not even have to ask, satan is always there.

You have to realize when you feel a void inside of yourself, that is the sign God is not residing there. When God is not there, you can be assured that satan or a demon is there. Just waiting for it’s chance to pounce, make you say something that will get you into trouble, and then laugh at you. There are times I feel turmoil inside myself, the fight of good and evil raging inside my body. To the point I begin to doubt to myself, I begin to doubt my actions, I begin to doubt what I can do, I begin to doubt the gift God gave me. I begin to think that everything I touch just turns to ashes. Why do I make a decision? because whatever decision I make will be incorrect, even if I make the correct decision it will somehow be manipulated into being wrong. How do fight this? GOD, JESUS CHRIST

Work hard, do the the very best you can, stay focused on God, use the gifts God gave you and never doubt them, never doubt your abilities or yourself. Trust God to give you the motivation you need and desire, trust God in your decisions, trust that God will be right by your side in normal life and that He will carry you through the times you just cannot cope with.

There will be people in this life who will try their best to break your focus, they will try to make you into someone you are not, they will ask you to do things that you may feel are unethical, or could possiblly hurt your reputation. You have to make the decision to whether or not you are willing to hurt yourself for someone else’s reputation, or refuse because of your ideologies. I choose to follow God and the teachings in the Holy Bible. You will meet many serpents in this world today, just like the serpent that Eve met in the Garden of Eden. They will try to trick you into feeling worthless, they will try to trick you into feeling depressed, the serpent has strong powers, stronger than you yourself possess, but, not stronger than God. When you feel the world caving in on you, pray! Seek, Ask, and you will Find, as long as you do it in God’s name. If you need counsel make sure you get it from a spiritual person, not just anyone. This is the way of satan, always stalking you, always looking for a way into your heart and your life. Do not fall to tempation, I know it is hard because we live in an “Instant Gratification” society. Satan will bankrupt you if you let him, and then he will take great joy in doing so. Keep your focus on our Father, He will never lead you astray, He will lead down the road of life, and will steer you clear of the road to death.

Obstacles and problems will come and try to test your relationship with God. Some of these are set by satan and others are by God, just see how faithful you really are. If you can look into the eyes of diversity, strife, and hardship and never ever lose your resolve in walking with God and following the teachings of the Holy Bible, God’s true Word, then you will come out unscathed on the other side. And feeling better than ever.

Satan lies, God is truth. Follow the truth, you will not regret it, follow God.

If you feel you have not been saved by God, that you are missing something in your life, if you feel a great void inside of you something that Alcohol or Drugs cannot fill, then please try God.

I pray that God touches each and everyone of you, whether a believer or not. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ that today your life is changed and that you are given and accept the greatest gift, life. I pray that God would free you of all your transgressions, and if you are going through a crisis right now I pray that Jesus Christ is there to carry you and that you let Him carry you through it. Because he that believes in Jesus Christ shall have all sins forgiven and shall have eternal life. Lord I ask this in Jesus’ Name for all who read this today.


Have a great day!


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