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September 12, 2006

What is Evil? And how does it take hold?

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Have you noticed, in the Bible, that God refers to evil in straight forward terms? The Bible is filled with many parables to get the point or lesson across, but, when referring to evil God ‘straight talks’ it. Why would this be? Could it be that evil is not material or flesh, but an entity? Is evil greater than Satan? Is it a force that manifests itself in human beings, to promote it’s full intentions? One thing I know is that as long as God is in your heart, evil has no way to get in. Evil needs an open door, or a willingness on the part of the receiver to take it in. I do not believe that people, in general, are born predestined to evil, it is something more sinister than that. We can look through history and say Hitler was evil, Stalin was evil, Osama Bin Laden is evil, but, what got them to that point? Any belief that promotes hatred toward any other human being is the open door evil is looking for. Why do you think the Bible says “Love thy neighbor, as thou loves thyself”? If you love your neighbor, meaning any and every other human being on this earth, evil does not have a door to pass through. Evil is not welcome in your life.


Do you think that you can welcome evil into your life as a form of power, revenge, or hatred and think that evil will not do evil things to you; just because you are it’s host? You have heard “You are what you eat”, the same goes for you are what you believe, you are what you practice to be, and you are nothing if you believe in nothing.


I hear people say I am Agnostic because I have not seen or felt the presence of an all consuming entity, one who loves me unconditionally, and is because He is. That is an open door evil is looking for. You say you do not believe in God; and for that matter you do not believe in anything. In saying that you do believe in something. You believe yourself to be a non-believer; you are opening that door for evil to enter, and run your life, your guard is down that is what evil likes, it does not like to be challenged; it wants freedom to perform things on you that will turn you into someone you thought you could not become, because you believe in ‘ nothing’.


Just remember you are what you believe, if you do not believe you have no hope, low outlook on yourself, and are an open door to evil.





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